Dearest Partner and Friend,

A big hello to you as we usher in the new month and first week of October. We kick off the bight week on a super high note by celebrating #newbeginnings, sisterhood and progress. Anita Nanjala is the youngest member of the Cheptais fistula support group and the Voices of Hope and Action Movement.

The 17-year-old resident of Mount Elgon is a survivor of sexual assault and obstetric fistula.The mother of one dropped out of school to take care of her young one and grappled with discrimination and shame. She was successfully repaired at Cherangany nursing hospital mid last year. Dry and in good health, Anita is grabbing all chances to better herself.The tailoring student in our Mumias vocational skills training says, knowing that she’s is not alone was powerful. Before she had encountered numerous unsupportive reactions, when she joined the support group, she gained a network of sisters who had experiences similar to hers, she terms the support group as a pivotal moment throughout her healing journey.

The women continuous check ins and care provides her with a profound sense of hope and support.Anita’s uplifting story is just one of literally thousands, we invite you to join us in restoring the dignities of these women visit by supporting this cause you help spread hope, love and uplift women#WADADIANonProfits#newmonth#newbeginnings#restorehope#empoweringwomen#supportgroup#healthmatters#gbvawareness#SafeMotherhood.

Cheers to the new month and may each day bring you joy and peace.

We Adore You.

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