Education and mentorship

Making a Difference

Over the years, WADADIA interacted with many girls and underprivileged children who could not further their secular education.

Over the years, WADADIA interacted with many girls and underprivileged children who could not further their secular education due to lack of money to pay school fees. It is through this that we came up with an education and mentorship programme.

As an organisation, we believe that education is the key to socio-economic empowerment. Our education and mentorship program has a triple approach that focuses on supporting the beneficiaries education through paying their tuition fees, attaching them to a mentor to walk with them and linking them to our psychological unit for professional help whenever it’s needed.

WADADIA has categorised the education and mentorship program into three

a. Habiballahi Directors Scholarship Award.

This is a fund initiated by the Founder and Lead director of WADADIA Habiba Mohammed, who commits part of her annual income to support bright but less privileged students. This targets both girls and boys with educational support and mentorship.

The fund is open to all well-wishers to support one or more students through it. Well, are allowed to either contribute toward the general Kit for this scholarship so that their contribution can support any of the student’s tuition, book, upkeep or general needs. They can also decide to fully or to co-sponsor any of the students so that they can get a more personalised experience with the person they are supporting. To learn more in how you can be part of this amazing and rewarding experience, please get in touch with us on or contact the director on have the Education and Mentorship as the caption of your communication. To contribute towards the general education and mentorship Kit, please donate here

b. Action on Fistula Education program.

As part of our fistula reintegration program, WADADIA identifies girls who dropped out of school as a result of the female genital fistula and allow them to complete their education. All our education beneficiaries benefit from the free coaching and mentorship services offered by the organisation. Fistula Foundation is currently supporting 3 fistula survivors in our program to reach their dream of completing their high school and college education. The need is still there, so many girls who get fistula at a young age are not able to pursue their education. You too can be part of this life-transforming experience by donating here

c. Berenica Memorial Fund.

Berenica was a young journalist from the united stated of America working and living in Kenya, she was full of life and loved the environment. Sadly, we lost her too soon in the Naivasha plane crash. In memory of the Berenica, her family and friends pulled together resources to support the education of a young talented student in Kenya and WADADIA was given the privilege to identify manage and coordinate this process. Marion Abiola is a Beneficiary of the Berenica’s family memorial fund. She is a young talented girl currently undertaking her degree in education at the Masinde Muliro University in Kakamega County of Kenya. She is a football player and plays for WADADIA Kick Fistula out of Africa Team. You can learn more about Marion’s background on this link