is in the North rift part of Kenya and is bordered to the north by Turkana County, to the east by Baringo County, to the southeast by Elgeyo Marakwet County, to the south by Transnzoia county and to the west by Uganda.

Geographic demographics and Population;

The County covers an area of approximately 9,169.4 square kilometers and stretches a distance of 132 kilometers from North to South. According to the 2019 census, the county has a population of 621,241 with a population density of 74 per kilometre squared.

Key Relevant indicators:

Immunization of children under the age five years of age in West Pokot is only 50%. The ideal herd immunity is 80-95 per cent for measles and polio respectively. This is attributed to low coverage to the shortage of nurses, illiteracy and far distance to health facilities. Many mothers die during delivery due to complications. West pokot ministry of health reported that out of 1000 mothers they lost more than 208 mothers during child delivery. West pokot is among the six other counties widely referred to as the worst in which to give birth or be born. WADADIA in partnership with other local organizations and the ministry of health has put in measures to ensure deaths due to childbirth delivery are reduced and life expectancy is increased.

Projects WADADIA implements in this county:

WADADIA implements the Action on fistula project and Voices of Hope and Action in this county targeting fistula clients and survivors.