Management Board

WADADIA’s Management board is the policy making organ of the organization and has a membership of 5-11 members of different professional backgrounds supporting the organization to appropriately respond to the community needs. The board has honorary posts of the chairperson, secretary and treasurer where the lead director is a member of the board ex-Officio. WADADIA’s Management board is responsible for the day today governance of the organization. To ensure smooth and effective running, the board may delegate any of its powers to committees consisting of such members of the board as they may think fit. The management board committees conform to the regulations prescribed by the board as they exercise the delegated powers.

General functions of WADADIA management board include and are not limited to:

  • The policy-making Organ of the Organization
  • Handling of Staff matters.
  • Fundraising for the organization.
  • Shall be an advisory body of the organization.
  • Support the lead director in the smooth running of the organization.