Bungoma is a county in the former Western province and borders Kakamega, Busia, Transnzoia and Uasin-gishu counties with an area of 2,069 km2.

Bungoma County is home to a vibrant and dynamic community, but unfortunately, the county also faces significant health and social challenges, including high rates of reproductive health issues, Fistula, HIV, and gender-based violence.

To address these pressing issues, a local organization has stepped forward to raise awareness and provide support to those affected. This organization is dedicated to improving reproductive health outcomes, preventing the spread of HIV, and combatting gender-based violence in Sample County.

Fistula, a condition that affects women during childbirth, is a particular area of concern. The organization provides access to medical care and support to women suffering from Fistula, helping them to recover from this debilitating condition and regain their dignity.

The spread of HIV is another significant challenge in Bungoma County. The organization works closely with local health authorities to raise awareness of the importance of testing, early detection, and effective treatment for those living with the virus. Through education and outreach, the organization is helping to reduce the stigma associated with HIV and ensure that those affected receive the support they need to manage their condition and lead healthy lives.

Gender-based violence is a pervasive issue in Bungoma County, and the organization is working to change this through education and advocacy. By raising awareness of the issue and providing support to those affected, the organization is helping to create a safer and more equitable community for all.

The organization also provides a range of reproductive health services, including access to family planning and maternal health care. By empowering women to make informed choices about their health and bodies, the organization is helping to improve reproductive health outcomes and reduce maternal mortality in the county.

In conclusion, the organization is making a positive difference in Bungoma County by addressing the pressing health and social challenges facing the community. Through its commitment to improving reproductive health, preventing the spread of HIV, and combatting gender-based violence, the organization is helping to create a brighter future for all. If you would like to support this important work, please consider making a donation or volunteering your time.”

Geographic demographics and Population;

Bungoma has a population of 1,670,570 with 812,146 males and 858,389 females as per the 2019 census. It has a population density of 552 persons per square km and an average of 4.6 persons per household.

Key Relevant indicators:

Bungoma county has 11 hospitals, 19 health centres, 96 dispensaries and 178 clinics with a total of 915 bed capacity in the county with distribution as follows; level five has 216 beds, level four 462 beds, level three 176 and level 2 61 beds.

Projects WADADIA implements in this county:

WADADIA implements the Action on Fistula program in Bungoma County creating awareness, identifying and referral of fistula clients and reintegration services.