Milestone Celebration.

Meet Alice Inganji as she reflects on her own personal experience with Obstetric fistula, the downs of life and the power of counselling and a strong support system.

A decade struggle fistula with constant and uncontrollable urine leakage coupled with deteriorating health, stigma, divorce and financial constraints set her on a downward spiral.

She met with Wadadia corp who referred her to Cherangany nursing hospital where her fistula was successfully repaired.

The 42 year-old single mother of three was determined to turn everything around so that she could be there for her children. She embraced counselling, joined fistula support group, actively took part in income generating activities and later our rehabilitation and reintegration Program and pursued hairdressing.

In her own words, she says ” It was not an easy journey, against all odd, I was determined to achieve this significant milestones- I very early on noticed that my children were very bright so I would stop at nothing to put them through school. Today, I celebrate double blessings, one completing a six month skills training and my first baby, Jane graduating. My hard work and resilience paid off- Special thanks to Wadadia team and support group for their invaluable support in mastering this journey”.

Looking ahead, she’s is literally excited about what tomorrow holds.

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