Dear Partner,

Your support is indeed making a huge impact in the lives of the women and girls, we support. Today, she share a journey of a woman, whose life you transformed.

This the story of Peninah, an obstetric fistula survivor.

Her long journey to healing and starting all over again included a number of dark and painful seasons, from surviving an arranged and abusive marriage, enduring three long years to enrolling for and taking a hairdressing course at our Mumias rehabilitation and reintegration center.

She recalls feeling deep shame, stigma and being absolutely miserable to the point she just couldn’t face her in-laws and family.

She suffered in this state, till she met with Julius, Wadadia’s Corp in West-Pokot who linked her to our screening team only then did her life change for the best.

Thanks to our partnership with Fistula Foundation and treatment networks supported by the foundation, women like Peninah, get a second chance at a normal life.

Now, more than ever before our field teams, Wadadia Fc, male involvement and voices of hope members all driven by our mission are scaling up awareness, prevention activities and sharing messages on availability of treatment with the end goal to End Fistula. And with your support, we know we can attain this goal way sooner than planned.

To support the reintegration of obstetric fistula survivors visit; thank you for helping transform lives!

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