Dear beloved partner,

We usher the new year with joy in our hearts and gratitude for the work you enable us achieve.

We got perfect start into the new year with an inspiring update on Mary Nafula, straight from the field as shared by the Bungoma field officer, Ms. Fatuma Ramadan.

“Proud, joyful and impressed were the very first feelings I had when I met Mary at the Hussinen Cyber, one stop shop in Cheptais where she interns after completing a course in computer at Women And Development Against Distress In Africa(WADADIA) rehabilitation and reintegration center. I had a candid conversation with her yesterday during my scheduled follow up visit to a number of Obstetric fistula survivors in the area”. Sentiments by Ms. Ramadan.

Thanks to Fistula Foundation not only was her fistula successfully closed at the age of 13, she was also sponsored through secondary School education, helping positively change the course of her life.

“My mentor advised and coached me on staying the course and focusing on what truly matters, she urged me during my lowest, never to give up and for this I am so grateful.

Prospects for the future:
Our journey with Mary is far from over as she eagerly awaits University and her current dream is to become a nurse. Her story is an important testimony of the possible empowerment of young Obstetric fistula girls. Together, we can make her dreams a reality.

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Happy New year friend, we wish you good health and happiness.

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