Fridays are dedicated to spotlighting our all female team, who are advocates of key issues affecting youths, women and girls.

Meet the team’s exceptional defender: Judith Mukhwana, the recipient of our annual goal of the season award.

As the central back defender, Judy possess extraordinary range of abilities that greatly contributed to the team’s impressive improvement.

More on her strengths; Her proficiency in headers and aerial balls is truly remarkable, as she fearlessly dominates the airspace with unwavering confidence. Time and time again, she rises above her opponents, commanding the box with impeccable precision and ensuring the defense remains impenetrable. Her skill in this area has provided a solid foundation and inspired confidence within our team. Judith’s ability to read the game sets her apart as a truly exceptional defender. She possesses an innate understanding of the sport, effortlessly analyzing the movements of the opposition and positioning herself strategically.

Judith is vocal and champions fights to #EndFistula #genderbasedviolence and #cervicalcancer

We celebrate her today and everyday.









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