Guys, We are so set for our traditional Wadadia Fc end of season award ceremony scheduled for tomorrow.

As a norm and with our Founder and Lead Director’s support the club’s players, coaches and staff gather at Women And Development Against Distress In Africa(WADADIA) main premises to reflect on the season, to hand out a set of awards, plan and lay ground for the next season.

Ahead of the D-Day, we spotlight the clubs goalkeeper, jersey number 1, Faith Bochere aka Kerima whose dramatic and impressive improvement in the second leg greatly contributed to the team’s encouraging and stellar performance in the 22/23 Kenya Women Premier League campaigns.

A bit about her strengths:
Her exceptional shot-stopping abilities, accurate ball distribution, leadership skills, unwavering mental strength, and remarkable ability to adapt quickly catapulted the team to a commendable 4th-place finish in the league.

Kerima is a force and we are very excited for what is to come.

Did you know?
Kerima is a gospel music fanatic, and boy, does she have dance moves!
Search and follow her page to keep up with her and more on her engagement in the campaigns to #EndFistula #EndGBV and so much more.
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