Dear Friend and supporter,

I write bearing Good news,

This year, our education and mentorship program, through your continued support is doing fantastically well and registers amazing successes to be super proud of, with three students graduating from  MMUST – Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology (Official) , one joining University of Nairobi – Kenya Science Campus  and furthermore three high school students are set to sit for the Kenya National exams this coming month.

Ahead of #IWD2022 program mentors get to visit and share encouraging words and offer support to the three girls. Our program provides a steady support both financially and Psychosocial support so that students can be sure on being able to stay at school, focus on studying and finish their education without hurdles.

Today being #wcw we crushing on one of candidates and her mentor.

Education changed it all for Mary Snaida Musungu.

You will be pleased to know that Snaida is doing well, with her scores being pretty good. Thanks to your continued generous support making so many girls like her get to realize their dreams.

Her mentor, Ms. Wanyonyi and Wadadia’s rehabilitation and reintegration program officer faithfully walks the academic journey with her, advicing her and offering much needed support.

Join us today and be a changemaker by supporting the education and mentorship program. To sponsor a student, visit https://cpmove-wadadian2.local/donate/
By supporting the program you help set the students on a clear path to a greater future full of possibilities.

Much Appreciated,

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