We have some really inspiring and super exciting news educational news to share! Our very own Fatuma Matini has registered excellent results.

The Obstetric fistula survivor and beneficiary of our education and mentorship program has scored an outstanding B+ of AGP 70 in the just-released #KCSE2020Results.

The young survivor is supported to access quality secondary school education thanks to Fistula Foundation’s Action On Fistula education support and mentorship programme that targets bright and needy school fistula survivors.

Girls education is an important factor in improving a nation’s quality of life. Women And Development Against Distress In Africa(WADADIA) echoes this concern and that is why, we give priority to bright yet underprivileged girls from some of the most marginalized and vulnerable communities.

We run an education and metorship programme under three categories;Habiballahi scholarship and mentorship programme that is spearheaded by our Founder and Lead Director, Habiba c n Mohamed that targets orphans and vulnerable children. The Berenica memorial fund and the Action on fistula education support and mentorship program that targets fistula survivors.

We work towards improving girls education in three important dimension; getting and keeping girls in school, improving the quality of girls learning opportunities and empowering girls to lead.

For young obstetric fistula survivors and girls from marginalized regions education is their only hope to get a new life and secure their future.
Fatuma, baby girl, you’ve made us so proud.
Always ❤️ and 💯 proud.

Be part of the change we are creating.

Get involved; As we mark the beginning of a new decade, join us in making it a reality for these bright yet needy girls to access quality education. Visit https://www.wadadia.org/get-involved/

Pay Direct from Mpesa to our co-op bank account
Paybill: 400222
Accout: 314213 Remember every penny goes along way in making a difference in the lives of these girls.

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