A focus on Obstetric fistula solidarity and support network in Bungoma County.

Women And Development Against Distress In Africa(WADADIA) resident field officer Ms. Fatuma Ramadhan is in Bungoma meeting with the amazing and empowered Cheptais fistula group.

Their’s is an extraordinary club of fistula survivors and men who walk the journey with them ( their husbands) as they seek to change the narrative around the debilating child birth condition.

ms. ramadha leads the meetig

It will interest you to know that this particular team has over the years and continues to play a significant role in the campaigns to #EndFistula and #Empowerwomen. They engage communities to better understand how obstetric fistula can be prevented, what to look out for and more importantly how to identify and help those suffering access readily available treatment.

They help bring to light the physical, emotional, economical and psychological impacts of fistula not only to the women but their families as well.

Leading the session, Ms. Ramadhan had the group deal with honest conversations on field experience and more varied and diversified approaches on reaching a wider group including neighboring communities and have more women treated and most importantly have them understand that they are not alone and that they will be ok.

Voicing her views towards the end of the meeting, 47 year-old Susan Wanyonyi Keya, fistula survivor had this to say;

” It’s such a relief and comfort to hear from others on the same boat”.

We celebrate their strong and admirable bond of brotherhood/sisterhood and support. We continue to be inspired by their amazing comraderies and friendship.

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