What’s up our e-fam? Let’s hang out a bit, shall we?

This #FeelGoodFriday we want to run it back and focus on some really feel good moments from the previous weekend and the last three days.

We had Dr. Taylor Wrinkle a family doctor come in and in partnership with health facilities ( we are big on Partnerships, we believe working together, we can achieve so much more) offered free #freeultrasoundscan to residents of Kilifi, Mumias and Matungu.

Through this exercise alone, we reached hundreds of women and girls, what came out very clearly was the #reproductivehealth #maternalmentalhealth and #maternalhealth struggles they grapple with.

But, there’s hope and there are solutions.

To support our immense efforts happening on the ground levels to expand Psychosocial support, promote health seeking behaviors, partnership and funds are desperately needed to enable us continue the good work.

Please click on this link to partner with us; https://cpmove-wadadian2.local/donate/

So far, August started on a warm note, it’s been amazing. We want to share the good vibe and energy your way. May August shine blessings on you.

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