As we commemorate International day to end Obstetric fistula, we take a minute and celebrate the far we have come and the key players driving awareness and actions to end the devastating child birth injury. All players have proved vital.

We thank the community for taking ownership and sharing the information and messages of hope on fistula prevention and treatment far and wide.

The male involvement groups, fistula advocates- the voices of hope and action movement, Wadadia Fc alias kick fistula out of Africa and Women And Development Against Distress In Africa(WADADIA) team for spearheading fistula prevention efforts and destigmatizing the condition.

Our C.E.O Madam Habiba Mohamed for boldly using her voice and platform to bring the attention of both local and international leaders and organizations to the devastating yet preventable and treatable child birth injury.

To the village, Sub-county, County and National leaders for joining forces in the campaigns to end fistula.

To our longtime friend and partner Fistula Foundation for funding free repairs and the rehabilitation and reintegration program.

And lastly and best of all to brave fistula survivors for giving back through sharing of their stories and depicting how it is possible to go from frustrated and hopeless to having a dramatic transformation following repair and holistic rehabilitation and reintegration programs- and thus encouraging and inspiring those suffering to come out and get help.

As we continue to work together to end fistula now, we call on the National leaders take action and Invest in Quality Healthcare, Empower Communities, fistula is a development and public health issue, but it’s also a human rights issue, one that grants everyone the right to health and a life of dignity.

Ending fistula is a collective responsibility. We must all join forces to end the needless sufferings caused by Obstetric fistula.

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