Fistula survivors support groups are very instrumental in the healing process. The groups enables women to tell their stories, share their experiences and get advice for challenges they face. The group is rooted in sharing, love and kindness.

Kakamega fistula survivors support group members hold another monthly meeting led by the heart and core of the group; Ms. Violet Okwaro- the group secretary.

The group who are vocal and pace setters on matters fistula sensitization in their communities through churches, chief barazaa meetings, schools, weddings and other social setups. After taking stock on their income generating activities and fistula awareness activities, the group later in the presence of Women And Development Against Distress In Africa(WADADIA) Psychosocial support officer, Ms. Martina, they took time and checked in on their individual and group mental health and handled issues affecting their social lives outside the group.

Stock photos of the meeting.

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