Celebrating a milestone;Tomorrow, 2 years ago,50 year old Helen Nekesa had a total reconstructive surgery to fix her fistula at Cherangany nursing hospital courtesy of the Charity Fistula Foundation.

She’s happy knowing that this #mothersday her two daughters & six grandchildren will visit and what’s more the tailoring trainee sewed a pretty gift for her lastest grandbaby!

On super joyful side, she is more excited for her children to see her more free, welcoming, confident and more so an excellent tailoring trainee at our Mumias rehabilitation and reintegration center. She looks forward to introducing them to her instructor and fellow empowered survivors.

Hellen, strongly believes counseling and joining the reintegration program totally changed everything for her and she couldn’t be more thankful.

Wadadia’s comprehensive rehabilitation and reintegration program plays a huge role in the overall wellbeing of fistula survivors, this mother’s day, consider donating to support more women access the reintegration program.

Visit https://cpmove-wadadian2.local/donate/ your support goes a long way in ensuring the socio-economic empowerment of these women and girls.

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