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Happy New year our beloved friend and partner,

We wishing you the very best 2024 has in store, we kick off the year with a inspiring story from a young lady, a fistula survivor you support. Annie had to drop out of school due to financial constraints and had to take up odd jobs to help support her right siblings and always drunk mother.

Her Back Story

Things didn’t turn out as she had hoped. She fell pregnant at 16, suffered an obstructed labor and a stillbirth. Endured stigma and severe discrimination. She was identified through a fistula rally by WADADIA staff and her fistula successfully repaired at Gynocare women’s hospital.

The Present.

20 year-old Annie is having splendid πŸ‘Œstart into the new year. The obstetric fistula survivor successfully completed vocational skills training, training in #SafeMotherhood joined the support group system and rejoined her community as a Fistula activist ready to raise awareness and help improve the health of women and girls in her village and beyond!

She draws her strength from the fellow survivors in her support group. Noting that having a strong support network makes all the difference in building confidence and strength.

Her empowerment journey is far from being over, after reclaiming her life, the 20 year-old is focused on starting and running her own hairdressing business, right now she’s employed by a fellow survivor, Eunice Achieng, who runs a chain of hairdressing stalls in Mount Elgon.

She’s so excited for the next phase of her life!

Annie’s story is an incredibly important testimony to the power of empowerment.

Make a difference.

Women And Development Against Distress In Africa(WADADIA) and partners go above and beyond to empower women and girls from marginalized communities, today we invite you to make a difference by supporting girls like Annie to rebuild their lives. To make your contributions to this cause visit; your support helps restore dignities!

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