After two decades of living in shame and isolation, 45 year-old Sara Awinja a resident of Emurumba village in Kakamega County finally checked into Cherangany nursing hospital and is scheduled for repair.

Back in 2004, she underwent a difficult, horrific and prolonged labor at home that resulted in a stillbirth and the devastating child birth condition~obstetric fistula.

She’s lived in such great discomfort, embarrassment and struggled to conceive with no success. Despite being supportive, her husband took on two more wives.

Thanks to a recent fistula outreach activities by our team in her home area, today her hope to live a normal life has been restored.

Women And Development Against Distress In Africa(WADADIA) in partnership with the charity Fistula Foundation are all about restoring the dignity of women through reconstructive repair and rehabilitation and reintegration programs, so that these women can lead normal and productive lives free from stigma and embarrassment.

Our teams are working round the clock to get the word out and help many women access this critical services.

Spread the word #fistula is preventable and treatable and contribute towards our efforts to #EndFistula : To support our initiative visit; https://cpmove-wadadian2.local/donate/ your support makes all the difference.

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