Hello partners, friends and beloved E-Fam, how y’all doing this beautiful, blessed and #TerrificTuesday

In case you wondering, it is a full circle moment for us here at the headquarters of Women And Development Against Distress In Africa(WADADIA) and we are doing great, actually more than great and there’s a vestige of excitement lingering in the air with a feel good vibe because of the significance, triumph and achievements of survivors who successfully completed vocational training training, attachment who will be graduating today!

This new day, new season and passage is so dear and close to our Founder and Lead Director Habiba C N Mohamed who works round the clock to ensure the most marginalized and vulnerable women and girls get a chance at a fair chance and normal life.

Today, thanks to our longtime partner and dear friend Mr. Kit Braizer who not only equipped the computer department and goes a step ahead to have these women walk away with a full set of start up kits to offset their businesses and on so doing be productive members in the society.

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