Party Time! Wadadia Fc coaches, players and fans gathered for an extra special occasion.Wadadia main office held an incredible end season and Ngairah’s farewell party that witnessed an outpouring of emotions both from players and the technical bench.

An afternoon, full of so much love and laughter saw coaches and players reflect on the just concluded 2021/22 women premier league campaigns and their heartfelt gratitude to Wadadia’s Founder & Lead Director Madam Habiba Mohamed and the chair, Wadadia Fc Mr. Musa.

Former Wadadia Fc captain and who now features for Ulinzi starlets, Ngairah delivered an inspiring speech that moved a couple of people to tears…so much love there. The drinks, food and music prompted scenes of unbridled joy.It was only fair and right that we end the day with a bunch of awards.Every player got a little of everything. Here’s a list of players who stole the hearts and minds of both technical bench and fans.Also find Wadadia Fc farewell celebration stock


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