Michelle Soto

Advisory board member

Michelle first interaction with WADADIA was in the year 2016 when she visited Kenya as a pulse volunteer. During her stay in the Country she spent six month with WADADIA working closely with the lead director and other members of the team in implementing the organization activitiesMichelle played a key role in strengthening the organizations structures through team building activities as well as strength finding.  She proposed the development of job aid for fistula survivors and played a key role in initiating CHV curriculum development process.  When Michelle Left the country and went back to the US she Kept contact with the organization and has always supported the organizations fundraising initiatives.

BIO : Michelle specializes in creating and building strategic partnerships across complex cross-functional teams to solve global and domestic healthcare challenges to benefit patients and customers.

Michelle’s expertise has been developed through her vast experience of over 25 years in the Pharma/Biotech industry, including Sales, Training, Patient Access and Leadership. She also spent 6 months in Kenya working with non-profit organizations and the government to create a National Fistula Treatment Network supporting fistula surgery across Kenya.


She believes in situational leadership and has been instrumental in managing through change by building her team’s capabilities, challenging the status quo and creating conditions that help others adapt to change to meet the demands of the business and influence transformation.


Michelle received her Bachelor of Science in Education from The Pennsylvania State University. She completed her Educational Practicum in West Sussex, England. She holds various awards in sales, training and leadership. She also focuses her time on mentorship and ongoing development.