Dear Partners and Friends,

Today we shine light on the vital and significant role fistula support groups in the recovery and overall well-being of women and girls we support

Reaching out and supporting each other, Chepsenya fistula support group members recently met and had a successful interaction and ample opportunity where they shared individual and group social and economic progress.

The members spared an hour, and had discussions on their next income generating activities after their catering and goat rearing businesses proved a success just before Covid hit. Members, each made contributions to revive the catering business with the surplus going straight into farming. Wadadia’s Psychosocial support Officer, spend time and offered one on one and group counseling and further had conversations with the group around navigating life post COVID, matters mental and reproductive health were discussed in depth.

Chepsenya Fistula Survivors support group chair, Aisha Mwanafana shares her welcomes members.

The number one reason why fistula survivors support groups tremendously aid their recovery and significantly improves their self-esteem and general quality of life is the fact that, these women are on a similar journey, have shared experience and have a strong will to succeed beyond community expectations.

For one, Dina, a new addition to the group, feels a whole lot better, more hopeful and never alone. Each and every day, we are inspired by their success.

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