This #EndFistula Month, we share fistula stories no one wants to hear.

At just 40, Mwajuma musaa has lived with obstetric fistula for half her age, the mother of two, tragically suffered six stillbirths, robbed of a livelihood, friendships and her marriage has constantly been on the rocks.

She found herself isolated, anxious and stigmatized. Her entire being was in 2018, shaken to it’s core by the unexpected death of her only friend, her only sibling, Rehema.

Mwanajuma is blunt, she’s tired of the ordeal and was on the brink of ending it all when she chanced upon, Fatuma Ramadan, Women And Development Against Distress In Africa(WADADIA) Kakamega Field officer, taking a group of young women on key fistula messages that focused on fistula prevention, signs, symptoms and treatment.

We share such stories to counter the cultural silence around fistula. To #spreadawarenesspreadhope and in many ways to inspire big change and accelerate efforts to #endfistula

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All of us need to hear the stories that we’d rather not hear.

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