We run it back with 57 year-old Catherine Nasipwondi, the mother of eight and resident of Riverside village in Bungoma County, recalls the embarrassment, isolation, being sick on and off and the rejection she faced in the five years, she struggled with obstetric fistula.

Catherine, suffered a terrible tear following a three day prolonged and obstructed labor as she delivered a set of twins. In the midst of the unbearable pains, she got word that her husband, who was working at a construction site had suffered an accident and died on the spot. The next five years were marked by back to back pain and the height of it all, she was disowned by her in-laws.

Today, she feels so much better and relieved, being able to hold her urine brings her so much joy and peace, being able to provide for her children and go about house chores joyfully without fear of leaking makes her feel so normal and blessed. All this, is thanks to a successful surgery she underwent at the Cherangany nursing hospital.

The member Sirisia Wadadia fistula support group, is grateful to fellow members for holding her down, encouraging and walking with her during her lowest moments. The fierce fistula survivor and advocate has a strong message for people in her community; “Let’s stop the stigma around obstetric fistula and women who are due to deliver should do so in hospitals, where they can access emergency obstetric services, should anything go wrong”.

Photo credit: Fatuma Ramadan- Wadadia Bungoma field officer.

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