It is one very fine morning and we go all out and celebrate an exemplary young mind and an excellent student, Fatuma Matini Sumba. Fatuma is beneficiary of Women And Development Against Distress In Africa(WADADIA) education and mentorship program and is supported under the Habiballahi Director’s education and mentorship scholarship, a program founded and run by our Founder and Lead Director Habiba C N Mohamed as away of giving back to the society and ensuring that bright yet less fortunate students get a fair chance at education.

Fatuma’s education has been smooth thanks to the scholarship, she’s proven to be determined and focused on just one thing, being exemplary in her student, something we are so deeply proud of. Among her notable strengths is helping other students in areas they struggle in academically. It is a reflection of her zeal to rise above her past struggles.

As we wind down the year and in this season of giving and sharing, we invite you to donate and support our education and mentorship program that gives hope to many students from marginalized backgrounds and helps break the cycle of poverty.

Visit; https://cpmove-wadadian2.local/donate/ thank you helping support these bright yet needy students.

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