Meet the 24 year old quiet but humorist, Mishi Hassan. She is an Obstetric fistula survivor who has gone through a lot at a young age. She resides in Mariakani. Like every other girl, Mishi’s dream was to finish her schooling and have a job of her own. Despite her efforts of studying hard her dreams were shattered when her parents were unable to pay for her school fees and she was forced to drop out of school while in form two in the year 2017. Two years later she found out she was pregnant with her boyfriend and wasn’t sure if she should keep the pregnancy because she feared her parents’ reaction towards the news. Her sister who stayed with her broke the news about the pregnancy and her fears came to reality. She narrated bitterly that up to date her father is still angry with her.She gave birth to a bouncing baby boy even after the struggles she underwent. Sadly during the process of giving birth a complication arouse, she had a third degree tear and after two months she started having sudden and uncontrollable urges of passing wind through her birth canal. At first she thought it was normal, but she noticed she could not sit with people comfortably without passing gas. Some even made fun of her while others thought it was rude of her to do so, “They could not understand!,” she says. This made her wonder way she was going through so much and thought maybe her father placed a curse on her. The situation continued until she decided to inform her mother.It was then when the mother contacted Sophia, a CHV in Kaloleni, about her daughters’ condition and after some weeks Mishi was booked for repair at BOMU hospital Changamwe free of charge courtesy of the Charity Fistula Foundation.Mishi is now more than happy because she was successfully repaired and her exact words “I can now sit and mingle with people without farting unknowingly.”This young lady is now a proud member of Tuinuke support group in Kaloleni and has joined her fellow survivors in tailoring training at WADADIA offices, Malindi.

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