Happy Madaraka Day, Folks 🌟🎉

It’s #Madarakaday, and at Women And Development Against Distress In Africa(WADADIA) we’re not just celebrating independence;we’re marking a new beginning with three extraordinary individuals who believe in us, and our mission to empower the marginalized women and girls to advocate for their bio-psychosocial health and socio-economic rights. The multi- talented trio have chosen, to stand with us and support our vision and mission as their way of giving back to the society.

WADADIA’s Goodwill Ambassadors:

We’re thrilled to introduce to you Wadadia Non-Profit’s GoodWill ambasaddors!

🎉 Meet Fathi Hassan Hussein, Al-Amin Kimathi and Elphic Jayjay Elphic who bring diverse perspectives and powerful voices to the forefront of women’s reproductive health.

With ambassador Fathi championing the cause of young women and Ambassadors Al-Amin Kimathi and Elphic Tossi amplifying the voices of men, we’re dedicated to promoting crucial work on female genital fistula, menstrual hygiene, and reproductive health.

Fathi Hassan Husein, a young realtor and women’s health advocate Ms Hassan combines her carrier in real estate with her passion for women health and education bringing a unique perspective while amplifying the voices of the marginalised communities.

Ms. Hassan is beacon of hope for the marginalised communities as she stives to make meaningful impact in the society through her with her commitment to women’s health and education.

As she joins our ranks, she brings with her the powerful voices of young Muslim women, ready to champion change and break barriers.

Amplifying male involvement in Women Reproductive Health and Rights

Male involvement !

Today, we unveil our dynamic duo of Goodwill Ambassadors for Wadadia’s Male involvement in women’s health and rights initiative.

Ambassador Al Amin Kimathi aka Babu is a veteran Human rights defender, social justice campaigner and Utu thought lead. Mr. Kimathi is known for his fierce pursue of social justice, with his efforts on counterterrorism in Kenya playing a major role in documenting and reporting major human rights violations including the renditions of Kenyans to somalia, Ethopia and even Guatamano. He was involved in the struggle for political pluralism as a pro-democracy journalist and the constitutional reform movement culminating in the CoK 2010.

Ambassador Elphic Tossi, a teacher by profession is the Founder of Onemilliontrees4kilifi The land and environmental department convenor for Kilifi County, and the Vice County coordinator of the Green Army. Mr. Tossi brings a wealth of experience on community engagement where his passion for environmental health and protection can never be ignored.

The duo will lead our male involvement initiative, ready to take our community engagement to unprecedented heights.

The trio will work closely with WADADIA’s team led by our Founder and Lead Director Madam Habiba C N Mohamed a psychologist, and Community Change Program Specialist. Ms Mohamed will leverage her more than 2.5 decades of experience on Female Genital Fistula programming, community dynamics, and mental health to amplify the voices of Hope and action on eradication of female genital fistula while improving Menstrual Health.

We are igniting a movement for Population, women’s reproductive health, and environment. Expect engaging conversations, and a series of activities as we steer our efforts from the grassroots to the national and international levels.

However, we need your help to make it truly impactful.

Together, let’s break the silence on Female Genital Fistula and menstrual health. 🗣️💪 We’re calling on ALL men to join the conversation, raise awareness, and stand in solidarity with women worldwide. Together, Lets shatter stigma, and empower communities to prioritize women’s health, promote education and ensure every voice is heard.💪✨

Engage with us using #WadadiaAmbassadors and share your ideas on how men can play a pivotal role in championing women’s health. Together, let’s pave the way to a healthier, more inclusive future! 🌍

Follow them on their social media pages:

Al-Amin Kimathi

Twitter (X) @alaminkimathi

Facebook and IG: Al-Amin Kimathi

Elphic Tossi https://www.facebook.com/elphic.tossi.3?mibextid=ZbWKwL

Twitter: @ElphicT

Ms. Hassan:

Twitter: @_fathi_hh











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