Tackling fistula: Empowering women.
Today was centered around interacting with program beneficiaries. We were so thrilled, humbled and super excited to be joined by our dear friend and long time partner Fistula Foundation team, on whose shoulders we stand tallest.

The team led by our Founder & lead director Madam Habiba Mohamed had a number of activities ranging from a meeting with Wadadia team to Kakamega fistula support group.

The home visit, saw the team meet and interact with Caroline Ngaywa, fistula survivor and a beneficiary of our rehabilitation and reintegration program, a member of both the Kakamega fistula survivors support group and Voices of hope movement. The mother of 10 couldn’t hold her joy and expressed her gratitude to the two organizations for coming through for her at her lowest moment. Her tailoring and cereal business is thriving. We are proud of Caro!

May her star keep shining.

We had the best time to applaud the great work done by the male involvement group in raising awareness on fistula. Conversations around ending stigma and empowering survivors through income generating activities took center stage during interactions with the Kakamega fistula support group. This powerful partnership enables survivors to benefit & enjoy various income generating activities.

Our girls, Wadadia Fc alias Kick fistula out of Africa had a moment and shared progress made in fistula prevention.

Many thanks team Fistula Foundation, Lindsey Pollaczek, Vice President of Programs, as always you are our greatest inspiration. Jesse Dubow, Program Manager, your presence makes us so happy and our very own Habiba Corodhia Mohamed, country Director, who got us where we are today.

Together, we are changing lives.

The day in picture.

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