Empowering Lives, One Visit at a Time!

At Women And Development Against Distress In Africa(WADADIA) we believe in the power of personal connection and continuous support. Our daily routine is all about making a real difference in people’s lives, through our comprehensive services.

Last week, our field team made a special trip to visit Jelimo Chepchumba, a remarkable woman and a fistula survivor. The mother of nine, Jelimo has shown incredible strength and bravely. Her journey towards healing and empowerment has been nothing short of inspiration.

As the sixth wife to Mr. Kipemoi Chumba, Jelimo has had numerous challenges, she found solace and support in joining a fistula survivors’ support group and diving into farming and table banking activities. Setting her self on a steady pathway to independence and self-reliance.

We’re proud to have contributed and be part of Jelimo’s journey and many others like hers. Through our unwavering commitment to client follow-up—whether it’s a simple phone call or a heartfelt home visit: we ensure that every individual receives the care and attention they deserve.

To support or follow up program visit: https://wadadia-nonprofits.org/donate/ thank you for your donation, together, we’re turning challenges into opportunities and paving the way for brighter futures.